FRANK RIGGIO: Psychexcess 1 – Presentism CD Hymen Records

FRANK RIGGIO: Psychexcess 1 – Presentism  CD Hymen Records

This is the first I have heard from this French/Sicilian composer and I am sure it’s not going to be the last; if like me you find your way to hearing the first episode of this proposed trilogy, I should imagine you will be eager to consume the next two chapters when they surface.

Riggio reigns in obscure organic instrumentation, wrapping confusion in off kilter electronics that border on the beautiful and horrific, melding together sounds like I have never heard coupled before; ‘Presentism’ as a whole (personified in the title track) is one of the most original albums I have heard in quite some time, often hinting at genius.

There is something altogether different with this release that I can’t quite put my finger on; it’s as if each track is pieced together with each individual layer having its own agenda and mini cinematic episodes are played out side by side as the soundtrack to two layers of film that are casually placed over each other.

‘Presentism’ is not going to be for everyone out there; make no mistake this is purely for those that have an adventurous and broad imagination.  Peculiar yet familiar in equal measure, there is so much to take on board with this first instalment, only those who can stomach music lacking an attachment to any specific genre will gorge on this extremely intelligent and glorious affair.

Appreciating however that this album will not be for everyone, indeed some elements were too much for me to swallow at times, I applaud ‘Psychexcess 1’ wholeheartedly as something genuinely different, nay, inspirational in its entire composition.


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