CDATAKILL: Battleworn CD Hymen Records

CDATAKILL: Battleworn  CD Hymen Records

With an expansive back catalogue and lengthy musical history, Zack Roberts is back after five years with another full album release, now progressing label wise to the quality driven monolith that is Hymen.

‘Battleworn’ relies heavily on dub-step, differing from previous releases somewhat in its approach from the more relaxed affair, ‘Valentine’; the first three songs melding together almost as one track apart from the silences on track markers.

‘Dirty up Your Mind’ is where things really start coming to life; breaking rhythms are sporadically torn apart, remoulded and tossed in with hap-hazard electronics and off range ambience, reminding me somewhat of previous works; it’s a version of Cdatakill that I am more familiar with.

The most impressive output on this album has to be ‘God Will Cut You Down’; cleverly infusing the precise vocal samplings of Johnny Cash into well-composed electronics and mid-paced beats; it’s an inspiring mix of styles that gives the album the necessary change of direction at a mid way point.

‘The World is Coming to Another End’, is a fitting closure before the obligatory mixes start; a mash of beats and organic guitar driven sounds, that I feel thematically is digging at the whole apocalyptical 2012 saga.  I feel this is really where Roberts should have ended ‘Battleworn’; the remixes of the title track and ‘I Swear’ are great, don’t get me wrong, but they do come across as a detachment to the rest of the album.  Overall however, this is a solid return for Cdatakill and long may he continue; good to see him back.



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