AXIOME: Ten Hymns for Sorbetière CD Ant-Zen

AXIOME: Ten Hymns for Sorbetière  CD Ant-Zen

Subtitled with ‘or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Freezer’ (if you want it all in full), is the return of this project by C-Drik Fermont and Oliver Moreau (Imminent) after seven long years of silence without any new output.

Complex and eclectic electronics are the main body of this latest album; beats frequently fall over themselves and slide back into one another throughout this love affair with complex IDM and rhythmic structures.

More often than not, the ten tracks on this release burst into life in a nonsensical fashion; somehow though these formulate into a cohesive story along the way, producing an intricate and engaging picture, with pleasing electronic harmonies to gel the almost freeform eccentricities that could otherwise disengage the listener.

The real beauty with ‘Ten Hymns…’ is that with so many complex electronics going to war with one another it would fall apart if Axiome had tried anything slower.  Common sense has won out with the composition keeping a frenetic pace from start to finish and there is no spare quarter given; even the mid paced numbers are rarely given time to relax, massaged with a subtle psychosis across their proverbial aural temples.

Definitely one for those with a penchant towards the experimental of Fermont, but with more than enough for lovers of Moreau’s alter-ego to latch onto as well; an engaging and interesting affair throughout for lovers of all modern electronica, that really comes into its own towards the end of the latter half of the album.



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