TERRA SANCTA: Sunken/Buried/Forgotten CDep Malignant Records

TERRA SANCTA: Sunken/Buried/Forgotten CDep Malignant Records

You’ve gotta love Dark Ambient artists; can you guess what the song titles are?  Yeah, you got it; this is a three-track release.

Joking aside, this EP is a bridge for the their last release and the next album; sometimes you can view extended players as a throwaway for unused tracks, but I get the feeling that this trilogy of songs didn’t fit with the forthcoming release, hence their appearance in this format.

I have to applaud Terra Sancta somewhat; the tracks are fairly lengthy and when dealing with this genre you have to have something that engages the listener straight away and in a lot of senses this has been done cleverly.  There is little to differentiate between ‘Sunken’, ‘Buried’ and ‘Forgotten’ sound wise, indeed they could actually have been submitted as one seamless track.

In its 23 and a half minute entirety this does appear to be over rather quickly and although this appears to finish almost as soon as it starts, there is the temptation to hit play as soon as this comes to its conclusion; there being the magic that lies within, which is no mean feat considering that on the face of it, there might not be much going on from start to completion.

Repeat play you will however and there you will find the undercurrents of sound that that were not immediately evident; I thoroughly enjoyed this short excursion on the way to Terra Sancta’s next jaunt with the ending credits of ‘Forgotten’ ironically leaving a thoroughly enjoyable and lasting impression; quality.


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