SKIN AREA: Rothko Field CD Malignant Records

SKIN AREA: Rothko Field CD Malignant Records

Opening with a spitting, seething vocal, reminiscent of a cleaner more precise Deathpile, this caught me somewhat off guard; leading you down the garden path somewhat, as it is by no means at all a portent of what is to come.

‘Rothko Field’ is a completely different release to what I expected; the noise is reduced almost to a residual hum, concentrating on lightly distorted ambient drones that occasionally mix with choral pads, lifting the atmosphere into almost trance inducing states come the title track.

‘Hypnagoga’ simply put, is completely mental; almost playing out like a disturbing nursery rhyme I have to applaud Skin Area for daring to venture into such territories; whilst being completely barking mad, it does assist thematically with the albums concept of music that is the aural equivalent of borderline personality disorder.

This is a wonderfully thought out third album, beautifully packaged and daring from start to finish.  Musically this is not going to be one for everyone, barely hanging around the rim of melodies, focussed purely on atmospheric states of mind, there is more than a touch of IRM and No-Wave throughout the album, especially in the latter half and if anything, a lot of this album reminds me of Coil in a many respects.

A peculiar CD from start to finish, progressively bordering on lunacy; ‘Rothko Field’ is a thoroughly engaging affair and one of the more interesting pieces of work I have heard in some time.


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