SEKTOR 304: Subliminal Actions CD Malignant Records

SEKTOR 304: Subliminal Actions CD Malignant Records

Old school in its approach, reminiscent of early SPK and Test Dept., straight for the jugular the moment you hit play, Sektor 304 smash through your speakers with massive metal trash-can percussion, big beats and shouting reverberated vocals.

There is something tribal that underlies the whole of this release with a writhing mass of organic matter, making a welcome change from the digital age that now takes precedence over the Industrial scene; almost unforgiving in the writhing carnage that unfolds this is a purist’s album no doubt.

‘Vultures’ is undoubtedly a highlight of the album; opening with a visceral growl, the pounding percussion and grinding bass stomp relentlessly throughout the track, reminding me somewhat of a cross hybrid of Godflesh and Sonic Violence in their ‘Transfixion’ era and is the clearly dividing line that splits this release into two halves.

From here on in the album takes a different turn of events, with ‘Friction’ droning out a swirling mass of black ambience and machine factory like hums; indeed the following tracks take a somewhat slower avenue and focus on a more oozing sludge like approach to sound exploration.

‘Subliminal Actions’ is an interesting piece of work that has more than enough for fans of nostalgic Industrial, right through to Dark Ambient and Power Electronics.


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