NEGRU VODA: Våld De Luxe 3xCD Malignant Records

NEGRU VODA: Våld De Luxe  3xCD Malignant Records

This has been out a couple of years now, but it’s been sent for review now, so here it is.

Negru Voda was originally penned as the side project to the now defunct Dark Ambient legend that is Megaptera and a more expressive and solo outlet for Peter Nyström.

Before I go into the music, let me express how awesome the packaging is for this release; this looks stunning really with three CD’s housed in an eight panel digipak and is an absolute must for collectors out there, I am surprised I didn’t actually pick this up myself out of my hard earned cash.

Disc one ‘Våld De Luxe’ is a varied collection of live tracks with the title track displayed first in it’s full 25 minute glory, comprising of hypnotic beats over Death Industrial pulses and Dark Ambient to glue it all together; it won’t be for everyone in its repetitiveness as a whole but is entirely relevant.  Live tracks are separated by a collection of remixes, of which P.A.L is the most impressive.

Disc two ‘Dark Territory’ is a re-release of the original that appeared on the Old Europa Café label with a couple of extra tracks to add validation for the addition to this release.  In essence it is darker in some respects to the work Nyström did with Megaptera, venturing into way noisier territory as well.

The closer to this release is disc three ‘Whispers From the Silent Shaft’; opening with some of the better works of this project with the double whammy of ‘The Mine Shaft’ and ‘The Drill’, where beautifully stripped clean ambient slides down the bones of rhythmic Industrial at its very best.  The rest of disc three is a collection of rarities and live numbers.

As a whole this three-disc collection is a must for fans of Peter’s works right across the board, with a broad range of Dark Ambient and pure Industrial to satiate genre lovers of this ilk everywhere; a lengthy release that doesn’t cost the earth and looks great too.


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