KRISTOFFER NYSTRÖMS ORKESTER: Overlook Hotel CD Malignant Records

KRISTOFFER NYSTRÖMS ORKESTER: Overlook Hotel CD Malignant Records

The almost legendary Megaptera’s Peter Nyström and relative newcomer Kristoffer Oustad have combined forces once again with their unique Orkester.

There are some reviews that I have seen out there that have mentioned the usual references such as Dark Ambient and whatnot; it’s inevitable I guess considering where these guys come from and the relative listeners this release will attract.  ‘Overlook Hotel’ does have references along the way to this genre, there is no mistaking that; however, there is more to this release than meats the eye, such as the heartbeat pulse-like throb that raises its head on ‘Industrial Pale Ale’ (nice), and it’s moments like this that whilst hard to describe, undoubtedly add that little bit more than the tag implies.

There is a little more meat on the Death Industrial bones of this album as well, occasionally getting chomped up with careful attention to detail, lifting the straight forward crushing beats and screaming that you would expect and soundtrack sensibilities pull this album up in the originality stakes.

Diversity is the key with KNO and that is not something you hear so often within the circles these guys reside in;  ‘Overlook Hotel’ does have something for everyone within those genres however and something that will strike a chord I would imagine along the way for the casual listener as well.



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