CONTROL: Deadly Sins CD Malignant Records

CONTROL: Deadly Sins CD Malignant Records

This was originally released as a limited CDr for the 11th incarnation of the Electroanschlag festival and thankfully re-released for the masses by the impressive Malignant Records label.

Picking on the seven deadly sins (the titles of the individual seven tracks on offer), may not be the most original of concepts, but then this is Control after all and Thomas Garrison can pretty much do what he pleases within this genre.

Blistering Power Electronics (obviously) are on the menu with ‘Sloth’ oozing like treacle through the speakers as slowly as the title implies, rolling through into the barrage of noise that pans out on ‘Pride’, with Garrison’s vocalisations screaming through a blizzard of blistering venom.  There isn’t much I can say about a release like this, apart from I enjoy it and Control always make me want to go out and punch someone in the face; which I think is the point.

To the casual listener and non-follower of the genre this would all appear ridiculous; to the untrained ear this is nothing but a mash of nonsensical noise.  The initiated however will relish this release for everything it gives; with subtle changes to the machine head hums flicked through distortion pedals and the vocal equivalent of a chainsaw through the throat, this will surely please the most loyal of PE purists.



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