FRANCISCO LOPEZ: Untitled (2009) 2xCD Baskaru

FRANCISCO LOPEZ: Untitled (2009) 2xCD Baskaru

Francisco Lopez is one of those aural oddities that has been around the field recordings circuit for absolutely years; sometimes producing sparks of genius and occasionally just baffling me with the ludicrous nature of his releases.

It’s 2012, yet here we are with a full two CD’s of untitled works that he wrote in 2009; only in his chosen eclectic mash of genres can you get away with producing ‘new’ releases of this nature and to some it may be perplexing that he actually manages to get these albums out.

Now let me get this straight, I have a love/hate relationship with field recordings; either the utilisation of such a tool can come out as genius and a clever addition to the artists’ weaponry, or as in a lot of cases, absolute talentless claptrap; Lopez, luckily hangs around in the former category more often than not.

The opening track did result with my head face down in my hands; the sound of Francisco snoring didn’t exactly bode well for a two-disc affair, but luckily this is where the stupidity ended; sort of.

At is best, these untitled works have some glorious uplifting light ambient moments that cleverly rely on space and natural elements of sound to engage the listener, with thankfully a lot of the two hours of this release utilising these capabilities; of course there are moments on this release that simply come across as utterly pointless.

If you are a fan of previous works of Lopez then you will most likely applaud this album; if you are not a lover, nor either have time for this field of work then avoid it like the plague; some of you, like me, will appreciate this for what it is.



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