SALA DELLE COLONNE: XX.A.D. CD Cold Meat Industry/Tesco Distribution

SALA DELLE COLONNE: XX.A.D. CD Cold Meat Industry/Tesco Distribution

There is something so ludicrous about Sala Delle Colonne that you could almost laugh upon first listen; however, ‘XX.A.D.’ is so utterly bombastic and full of energy that you cannot help being charmed and thoroughly engaged in equal measure from start to finish.

Inspiration has come from Wagner, Sibelius and Mahler and it shows; huge crashing cymbals, operatic string sections and glorious emphasis on composition, drive the release on like the backdrop to the aural equivalent of distant battle from centuries past.

SDC is wasted just sat doing albums for the Martial Industrial genre; his work here wouldn’t be lost on an array of movies out there and would be a fitting soundtrack to the abundance of Roman gladiatorial films that glitter the silver screen.

I am genuinely intrigued as to how this was created; I am fairly certain a heck of this was done electronically, but it sounds so organic for the most part, such as ‘Tradizione Futurista’ with its simply gorgeous cello and wonderfully placed vocal sections; it’s a truly wonderful track and effortlessly epic.

‘XX.A.D’ is just one of those rare albums in the genre, that truly has got every element right without any misgivings whatsoever; one of the best examples of Neoclassical Martial music I have heard in some time.


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