RAISON D’ETRE: When the Earth Dissolves in Ashes CD Cold Meat Industry/Tesco Distribution

RAISON D’ETRE: When the Earth Dissolves in Ashes  CD  Cold Meat Industry/Tesco Distribution

Here we have fifteen tracks taken from various live shows between 2010 and 2011, seamlessly woven together to sound like one long performance from one location.

The source materials for the track list have their roots sown in previous releases; however, Raison D’etre has masterfully created brand new songs at each of these events, mixing them live on the spot and there is no doubt, that is where the true beauty and genius to this release lies. There are no edits, there is no sitting down and rectifying mistakes; it is all here, raw and all the better for it.

‘Shedding ‘ is a highlight; blissful pads soaring up to the heavens whilst clattering metallic soundings stumble aimlessly in the background, fading into the bleak epic pools of ‘Darken my Soul’, which is a sinking pot of pure black ambience.

It’s a brave person who faces their target audience, with the pure intention of playing them a brand new array of tracks when they come to see them live; even braver when they’re going to hear new material conjured up right in front of their eyes.  I wouldn’t expect anything less but consummate professionalism from Peter Anderson though and this new album, solidifies the sheer creatively strong output he has treated his listeners to for many a year.


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