DHALIA’S TEAR: Dreamsphere CD Cold Meat Industry/Tesco Distribution

DHALIA’S TEAR: Dreamsphere  CD  Cold Meat Industry/Tesco Distribution

As a concept, ‘Dreamsphere’ is based upon a constant recurring nightmare; it’s an instantaneous hit from the off, with operatic vocals and rumblings of crashing storms outside your bedroom window, as an all out aural attack from every angle hits your senses.

After the initial opening to this extended dream sequence, we have five more tracks that take you throughout a chaotic, yet strangely enough low-key affair, almost like you are sat along for the ride looking, almost voyeuristic if you will, at various screens of the artists’ disturbances.

It’s been five long years since the last album ‘Under Seven Skies’ and once again we have another high quality jaunt through eerie, ghost-like caverns of sound that drift and soar, occasionally being interrupted with downright beauty; the title track for example, displays a fine array of talent and depth with some gorgeous piano lines, that hauntingly glide into the mix only to fade before you can latch on to any hope the cascading emotions bring.

Like some disturbing stretched out lullaby, ‘Dreamsphere’, in all its 47 minute long glory leaves the listener with the long lasting impression of tormented nights, where restful slumber seems nigh on impossible.


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