THE FLOATING WORLD: The Apparition CD Cyclic Law

THE FLOATING WORLD: The Apparition CD Cyclic Law

Taking its name from the painting by Gustav Moreau of Salome’s vision depicting the apparition of lokanaan, we have 7 tracks of cold ambience created with a range of almost purely organic sounds and air like frequencies.

Amanda Votta, the force behind this project, has once again relied heavily on the flute as her weapon of choice.  Throughout the album this medium leads the way and is at the forefront of most of the tracks, floating over pockets of frost like whispers and gasps of air whilst a bass driven hum rumbles onwards as the soil beneath the low level fog.

Being a massive fan of dark ambient music, this should in theory be right up my street and indeed in a lot of respects it is.  Consumed as a whole however, I found ‘The Apparition’ wanting for atmosphere, desperately seeking something to feel involved in.

Whilst professionally put together, the album is best broken down into individual tracks where your attention can be maximised to the full; I have only heard this project in the past on compilations and haven’t been exposed to a full individual release, where in one sitting it simply needs more than the sum of its parts.

Solid as this is in it’s individual construction, there is nothing that makes you jump out of your seat with excitement; do not let this put you off listening though, as this is probably best consumed as stop gaps between other artists of the same ilk.  Talent is firmly hidden away in the heart of this project, even if you have to stretch the boundaries of patience to uncover it.


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