GUSTAF HILDEBRAND: Heliopause CD Cyclic Law

GUSTAF HILDEBRAND: Heliopause CD Cyclic Law

The concept of sounds experienced in space is a subject that has been covered before by many a dark ambient artist, from Inade, right through to Sleep Research Facility, all with moderate success.  Now it’s the turn of Gustaf Hildebrand, who takes us on a journey to the ‘Heliopause’; a point in space outside our solar system, where the solar wind ceases to exist and the Sun becomes a pinprick of light.

Imagine if you will, that you are stranded in such an area and you only have a radio receiver for company; what would you hear?

Of course, this is only guesswork, but it does leave food for thought and Hildebrand is obviously adventurous enough to explore the possibilities.  Either way, as a concept for an album it makes for an interesting train of thought and a perfect backdrop to a pitch-black ambient album.

As you can imagine, radio sounds of many a variety crunch through the static, echoing and reverberating, riding on guttural drones and moderate sparks of power electronics.  The Hum of thundering, bass driven ambience is deeply rewarding above all else and it is this that carries the album along where it could fall short, as the essential glue to the consistency throughout.

‘Heliopause’ is definitely one for the aficionados out there and would most likely be lost on the casual observer; it does take time to bed in, but will be more than rewarding for followers of the genre and subject matter, if not reaching the peaks thematically of those who have delved into similar subjects in the past.



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