ARCANA: Emerald CDep Cyclic Law

ARCANA: Emerald CDep  Cyclic Law

It’s been approximately four years since Peter Bjärgö’s Arcana had a new release with ‘Raspail’ and here we have the prelude to the forthcoming full-length, ‘As Bright as a Thousand Suns’.

Opening with ‘As the End Draws Near’, we are once again treated to arcane acoustics and warm melancholic male vocals, gently harmonised with subtle female touches and background operatic wails.  The mix is perfectly blended and as epic as all the past works of this project, drifting and gliding, effortlessly medieval.

‘A Cage’ follows suit, with chiming, glorious, mesmerising hall filling chants and an almost Gothic masquerade of sound that to the uninitiated will be reminiscent of Dead Can Dance, while long term fans will be pleasurably satiated.

The finale of this short introductory return, ‘A Precious Stone’, is a glorious female vocal driven ballet of sound soaring across cold, cracked flagstones, wandering blissfully between the pillars of a distant ruin on a cold winters day.

‘Emerald’ feels remarkably short; yes this is an EP and the songs themselves are not in themselves devoid of length, it’s just so thoroughly engaging that it more than whets the appetite as a stop-gap for the future full length album.


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