THE CARAPACE: Moments in Time  DIGITAL DOWNLOAD  Signifier

The Carapace is the side project of Scrap.edx front-man Josh Colella running alongside his main musical output in what appears to be his downtime.

Spanning the space of approximately three years the track titles are merely dates most likely sourcing specific moods or life events and thought process and emotions translated through the medium of music.

What we do have on display is a dramatic shift from his main output in Scrap.edx, the consummate professionalism and clean precise beats and electronics are as evident as one would expect from Josh and some of the sounds are ever so familiar to long term listeners of his other body of work; however it’s the mix of the ingredients that make ‘Moments in Time’ differ from anything else he has released.

An intriguing affair none-the-less that glides and moves at a fairly relaxing pace soaring through IDM and ambience with ease, flirting with momentary elements of dub influences culminating at it’s very best with track three ‘12/19/2009’, with its simplistic yet beautiful pad arrangements that give the impression of gazing out of a window on a train journey to some distant location, on a winters afternoon as the sun breaks through the clouds on the horizon.

The Carapace is available now on digital download from the Signifier site, I would have loved for this to be released on a hard copy format, but that’s just the collector in me.  Go get it today.  You won’t be disappointed.


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