EXOSPHERE: Where Nobody Goes CD Raumklang Music

EXOSPHERE: Where Nobody Goes CD Raumklang Music

This Swiss/Swedish combo lay their cards on the table from the moment you hit play; organic elements open up the proceedings with ‘1st Movement’ that gradually build with gentle harmonies and scrapings of sound that are backed up with warm pads; it’s a promising start to the album that really sets the listener on a journey with the drifting and aptly titled ‘Spacefeel’ taking over the steering wheel to great effect.

A great deal of effort is evident throughout this release with the translation of atmospherics, positioned with great care and attention to detail.  Occasionally Exosphere purely toy with ambience, quite often they purely rely on driven IDM; where they excel the most is when these two forces come together, more often than not on the same track, ‘Tears of an Unknown World’ and ‘T-Y’ being a prime example of this.

‘Where Nobody Goes’ is a thoroughly solid release from start to finish, it won’t set the world alight with genius, but is more than competent in its execution and the occasional moments of beauty that filter through are more than worthy of your hard earned cash alone.


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