CYCLER: Polymath DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Raumklang Music

CYCLER: Polymath  DIGITAL DOWNLOAD  Raumklang Music

Given that the idea behind this release is to venture into dipping their toes into different sound perspectives, it is perhaps quite apt that Cycler have chosen to call their album ‘Polymath’.

Cycler, have a very clean and precise pronunciation of sound varying from pop driven blips and beats flirting with IDM and the odd flash of ambient soundtrack like pads that fill out the gentle harmonies to great effect, such as the blissful ‘Dream Recorder Tape’.

If truth-be-told, the perspective does not hold up much for me as ‘Polymath’ is a linear electronic album, albeit a solid one at that. The trouble with clearly stating your album has a varying perspective of sound is that the concept falls short when there is little evidence to the claim; the ideas may vary but the sounds do not across the entirety of this release.

However what Cyclic have done is produce a damn solid electronic album pure and simple, with some genuine moments of excellence (‘Alien Crystal Desert’ and ‘Narcosis’), with a production that reeks of clarity and a good starting block to pave way for future releases.

My only real downside to this release is how it approaches human emotion as it mirrors the concept of feelings rather than conveys them, and with a little more attention to how these plastic electronic sounds translate to the listener, they could be onto a winner.


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