TAPAGE: Overgrown CD Tympanik Audio

TAPAGE: Overgrown CD Tympanik Audio

Tapage has really come to life for me since his last instalment with Meander (‘Etched in Salt’), which was simply stunning in every sense of the word.  “Sine ‘ opens this next album with playful harmonies and soaring drone elements that simply doesn’t let go, and that is a charm in itself as it drips through into ‘Loss’ with its warm glitch infused beats, Tijs Ham is simply a wizard when it comes to this style and here he is truly one on his own.

‘Pink Mist’ starts beautifully with harmonious ambience that is merely toyed with by the intruding pitter-pat beats that almost vocalise the track; its peculiar but ultimately engaging and it’s at this point that you realise that Tapage is an outright original to be applauded and revered.

What I love is the reintroduction of almost pop like sensibilities to some of the sounds used that carefully fill out the heart rending synth lines and bridge the holes left by the unobtrusive beat patterns which ultimately leave a smile on your face.  It’s this happy-go-lucky approach, which gives Tapage a sound all of which is seemingly effortless.

I would like to see is Tapage explore some different areas of sound to add to his arsenal for future releases as I feel there are a lot of styles out there he could embrace and add to his already impressive production and vision and I am intrigued as to the approach he would take if he infused other genres into the mix.

‘Overgrown’ is a welcome and strong addition to this young artists already impressive legacy and more power to him for the future.


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