KNOWN REBEL: Hollow CD Tympanik Audio

KNOWN REBEL: Hollow CD Tympanik Audio

Debut album from this Spanish duo and well received too.  With a generous collection of obscure application of broken beats and harmonies and glitch, Known Rebel quickly stamp down audibly which angle they approach the genre.

As a release ‘Hollow’ is quite gentle within its approach.  Rich in beauty with tracks such as Mechanical Sunset which is truly glorious in the rising, yet simplistic bleeps and ambience, that compliment each other well.

As an album you have eight tracks along-side five remixes.  For me I would like to have seen less mixes and a couple more other whole tracks on their own (hence the score) but that’s just a preference of mine as it feels the actual album ends too soon. However, these mixes are of a high standard such as the now defunct Mothboy’s take on ‘Herz Aeon’ which is as good as you would expect from him; coupled with Roel Funcken (of Funckarma fame) there is a quality of choice within the acts selected to de-assemble the original songs available.

An impressive and enjoyable release that is pleasing to the ear and doesn’t deviate unnecessarily into territories that are not familiar to the artist and therefore provides a strong solid album that is pleasurable from start to finish providing the listener with a good talented representation of the IDM genre.



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