INTEGRAL: The Past is My Shadow 2xCD Tympanik Audio

INTEGRAL: The Past is My Shadow 2xCD Tympanik Audio

It seems like a small age since the last album by this duo, and it’s been well worth the wait since the excellent ‘Rise’ debut back in 2008.

What we have here is a double album of tracks that were originally conceived between 2002 and 2006 and were originally intended in all effect as the ‘proper’ debut.  Either way, it is here and it is now.

With a varying array of styles that cross genre from pre and post industrial occasionally teetering into other electronic circles, the result is a varied and rich arrangement that keeps the interest flowing and stops the stagnation that takes effect when an artist just hits you from one angle.

Fluctuating from the older styling of “Pop Realta’ right through to modern IDM in the form of ‘No Peace’ and ‘CPU Fairytale’ there is evidence that Integral firmly have their feet on the ground recognising the importance of paying homage to the past whilst keeping themselves relevant.  The results are a warm rich vast amount of listening pleasure that is as dark and as obvious as the title of this album conveys, playing on their roots whilst stamping authority within the now.

Obscure in parts, relaxing and formulaic in others, ‘The Past is My Shadow’ is a catalogue of music over 18 tracks that keep the listener engaged from start to finish with no track outshining the other but as a whole, cohesive, intelligent and well thought out and on top of it all, value for money.



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