C.DB.SN: …At the end of it all CD Tympanik Audio

C.DB.SN: …At the end of it all  CD Tympanik Audio

This is a solid debut from Chase Dobson opening up with the post-industrial affair ‘The Stillness of Hours’ that eases the introduction to the album with concise beats and pads along-side piano with an immediate soundtrack appeal that’s neither invasive nor over dramatic, but rather a resigned ‘here we go’ that’s a almost a portent for the end of days.

This immediately goes into the title track with gentle harmonies and blissful IDM structures that perfectly meld together with the next number ‘Artificial Intelligence’ with care and attention paid specifically to the chop, cut and paste nature of the rhythmical pattern work.

The ambience of ‘A Silent Sea’ gives the listener an impression of being sat on the moon of some distant gas giant far out in the cosmos watching the destructive nature of a planet tear itself apart with violent electronic storms; it’s almost a running theme with the very nature of the almost apocalyptical sci-fi film feel to the album throughout, coupled with the artwork that gives rise to the almost pointless nature to our existence that in the end it’s all going to…well, end.

There isn’t a whole lot on this release that you won’t have heard before if truth-be-told, however that is by no means a derogatory comment. In-fact, as a relatively new artist it’s good to see Chase come along and produce something that matches his peers within the scope of similar genres and there is also a certain comfort in the stability of the scene when a release like this appears, and this debut compliments everything that has come before.

A fine, well-structured and thought out album with an impressive array of emotions translated into electronic form.


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