ACCESS TO ARASAKA: Geosynchron CD Tympanik Audio

ACCESS TO ARASAKA: Geosynchron CD Tympanik Audio

Whirring into existence, ambient drones open this album along-side glitch ridden scrapings of sound,  ‘Geosynchron’ is the quasi trilogy that is an ending to the story told by the ‘Orbitus’ and ‘Aleph’ EP’s.  Cold and unfeeling for the first part whilst everything stumbles to life ‘Rhea’ blissfully takes its time to wake up this latest release, carefully and as cleverly thought out as one would expect from ATA, taking momentary gasps of electronic air before exhaling with ‘Ixhiion’.

As expected, this album doesn’t let the beats take charge, they’re more of a filler for atmosphere and sit low in the mix more often than not, clattering and falling but never stumbling over each other as you would expect.  More focus has been given to the harmonious freezing pads that simply ooze their way into being, with the occasional minimal vocals that’s scratch their way through rather than sing.

Jamie Blacker of ESA fame makes an appearance on ‘Lysithea’ that assists an altogether different direction and a change of tack that is welcome on the album just after mid-way through the release.  It’s a welcome addition and changes the flow of Geosynchron when it’s needed with a styling that wouldn’t be out of place on a VAST release.

The latest album does have a different feel to previous releases; it is altogether more controlled and less chaotic than previous affairs but no less enjoyable. An altogether accomplished release from Access to Arasaka, I wouldn’t expect anything less.



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