V/A: These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between 2xCD Signifier

V/A: These Sounds Will Have to Meet Somewhere in Between 2xCD Signifier

So, here we have a lengthy compilation release from fresh, new label Signifier, and a really decent start it is too.

Opener Tonikom unexpectedly gives the release a title track with sampling surrounding the name of the release, folded into steady beats and harmonious electronics, it’s a warm way to start the proceedings and perfectly folds in into the dramatic and wonderful shoe-gazing and electronic marvel that is Lan Formatique with the fantastic ‘All Fears Unfelt’.

Disc one lays down the gauntlet and as a whole is impressive with a variety of artists from many a label and other stand out tracks that shine are ‘Bury me with Silence’ from Zero Degree, ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Lucidstatic and ‘Comatose’ by Embodi; that provide a varying scale of genres that is welcome and sometimes sorely lacking with compilation albums and this only whets the appetite for disc two.

The cross section of variation only increases once hitting play on part two of this collection with the impressive dance electronics of Oil10 who is a very much-underrated artist within the scene.  Endif are another highlight with the pulsating glitch and IDM ethics of the appropriately titled ‘Dislocated’ along with the atmospheric soundtrack like ‘All Alone’ by Dazzling Malicious.

All in all this value for money two disc affair has more than enough for those with a multitude of passions and tastes, from IDM, to Industrial, to power electronics and distorted beat (or the inappropriately termed power noise if you prefer), it’s an impressive introduction to the label and long may they prosper.


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