NÄO: s/t CD Ant-Zen

NÄO: s/t CD Ant-Zen 

Now this is a nice surprise; opening with gentle harmonious electronics, live drums, guitars and an overtly industrial rock slant, this for Ant-Zen is somewhat different to any of the other releases produced by the label and sits firmly in alternative territory accessible to a broader audience.

More often than not post-rock influences arise amongst the rhythm sections and genres are merged as sometimes, subtle IDM isms are dropped into the fray letting this self-titled release truly breathe with a bold courageousness not afraid to show experimentation and a willingness not top be pigeon holed into any category whatsoever.

If truth be told this should be an easy album to review, but there are so many influences floating around this release its hard to pin this group down; I hear NIN, I hear Godspeed you Black Emperor, I hear tunes that wouldn’t be out of place on a shelf sat next to any number of obscure electronic artists, and you know what, I think that’s where the magic lies in this release.  It’s like a breath of fresh air to what usually arrives through my letter box.

There isn’t really anything I could state that is negative about this album.  I really do believe though  that this artist would benefit with vocals scattered in amongst some tracks and sometimes the songs do feel a little sparse without them;  however, this is a minor gripe of mine and nothing that should deter you from picking this album up if you want to try something a little different from start to finish.  An impressive listen, an artist I shall be watching with great interest in the future and one that I truly believe could be special live on stage.



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