HECQ: Avenger CD Hymen Records

HECQ: Avenger CD Hymen Records

The ever prolific Ben Lukas Boysen returns with his Hecq project, this time basing his output on a cross hybrid of super heroes and Mexican wrestlers. The artwork comes from Mexican street artist Saner and if you hunt down the limited version of this album you are ludicrously going to be walking away with a Mexican wrestlers mask. Want.

So onto the music; you know, I simply haven’t got a bad word to say about Hecq, not one iota… it’s ridiculous that I can pick up any of his albums and mumble the word ‘amazing’ and this again is no exception. ‘With Angels’ is a prime of example of the word, with beats so masterfully cut up alongside visceral power from the electronics, coupled with ‘Pulverised’ this is sheer legendary heart stirring stuff musically. You can forget the likes of Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin because Hecq makes a mockery of them all.

‘Bane’ starts of with supreme quirky pads that just crash into dub-step, warping and evolving into an utter monster of a track, to be paired with the literally heart jolting slow paced ‘Shutter’.

The sheer genius of programming on this album has to be commended with the utter perfection of ‘Nihilum’; it’s so razor sharp and precise it’s ridiculous and the off target ambience of ‘Reprise’ is beautiful in every sense of the word ‘mad’.

On top of the initial ten tracks are five mixes that compliment the originals and are a nice edition if not entirely required, however why not if there is space to be had.

‘Avenger’ has to be one of my favourite releases of 2011 so far. Boysen is at the top of his game right now, and I am not even sure if he was ever off it. Stupendous.



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