EXOCET: Consequence CD Ant-Zen

EXOCET: Consequence CD Ant-Zen

Album number three and two years on from the stable ‘Grotesque Consumer’ sees this project immediately begin where he last left proceedings with hypnotic beats and sonic blips and rhythms.

Now, it’s not a love and hate relationship that I have with this project, it’s more of a polite ‘nod and shrug’ which I should really explain. Technically this ticks a lot of boxes, sporadic rhythm sections, ambient atmospherics and the odd spurt of noisy distorted beat and on paper then this should be a an album that I truly relish.

Unfortunately I find myself drifting off when listening to Exocet.  I can, more often that not find myself getting sucked in by purveyors of purposeful monotony (Sonar being a prime example) and in a lot of those cases it’s a necessary evil such is the nature of the genre, in fact that is generally the idea with a lot of acts of this ilk. The danger of traveling down this path is that whilst bands such as Sonar tick box ‘A’ and I regularly end up finding myself happily zoned out at one of their live shows, Exocet tick box ‘B’ which is marked up as ‘fails to grasp my attention’.

As stated before there is technically nothing wrong with this band or indeed their albums and I am sure there are a lot of listeners out there who absolutely love them and indeed I am not knocking them for what they do.  I just expected something different from album one to three and it’s obviously a formula that many listeners want and expect and do not want any variations on a theme. I just personally struggle to raise any emotion towards ‘Consequence’ and even struggle to explain any of those feelings that could be deemed as negative. Competent, but not for me.


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