EX_TENSION: Freedom CD Signifier

EX_TENSION: Freedom CD Signifier

I am backwards reviewing here receiving this album after this artists latest EP ‘Desert’ released on Tympanik Audio dropped through my door however its sometimes good to back track and should help see how the act has evolved.

Opener ‘Ourverture’ in orchestra like fashion immediately leads into the album title track which is a slow builder that has elements of GGFH within its DNA and is a fairly sold number that picks away at various Industrial genres and blends them together pretty firmly; the only negatives being the drum sound which sounds a little flat, but this is a minor gripe.

‘Freedom’ is a much straight forward release to ‘Desert’, whereas the latter concentrates firmly on dramatic length and spaces for ambient, this album is focussed mainly on electronics and genre wise should appeal towards the more mainstream followers of the scene with its up front electro industrial edge.

Highlights are ‘Infinity’ with a strong grasp of harmony and the remix of ‘Freedom’ by ‘zNo’.  I honestly expected to this debut to be a lot more experimental and heck of a lot noisier; as it stands this is quite a commercial release and could find its footing with a lot of the younger generation of followers of Industrial out there and whilst this isn’t exactly my bag I am most certainly not going to knock its evident appeal and commend the artists obvious move forward into more eclectic areas as I have recently witnessed.  A stronger production would have lifted this a little further for me but this is solid nonetheless.


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