V/A: EO4 2xCD Tympanik Audio

VA: EO4  2xCD  Tympanik Audio

So onto the fourth instalment of the highly regarded and successful ‘Emerging Organisms’ compilation series from Tympanik Audio, with 29 tracks separated over two CD’s.

More emphasis on non label artists is the bread and butter of this album along with a couple of artists that call Tympanik home.  The release gets under way in impressive form with a soaring ambient drone section coming from the ever excellent Hecq, that barely seems to last a moment before shuddering to a complete standstill, passing the baton onto ‘Architect’ who raises the ambience into an orchestral jaunt complimenting each beat that he throws at the listener.

The stand out tracks for me on disc one come with Access to Arasaka literally tearing into proceedings with the aptly titled ‘Razorgirl’ chopping and pasting, visceral and cutting and Displacer adding to his already impressive list of tunes with the dark and bracing ‘Outland’.  Dryft gives us what we expect, but then that’s all we want from such an impressive artist and Boy Is Fiction hand to us the beautiful but bizarrely titled ‘Output 1-2 (33 1 1 1)’, with gorgeous pads, piano and stirring beats.

Disc two is by no means any less enjoyable; with an almost Latin twang that folds into the mix towards the end of Subheim’s ‘Mir50’, that is beautifully threaded in with the electronics and the beat heavy, emotionally charged ‘Cranesong’ from Keef Baker, thundering on at a pulsating rate to fold into an almost electro pop Kraftwerk-esque Tapage.

Backwards harmonies complement the remarkable SE as always and C.Db.Sn give us music in the shape of Bitcrush; there really is so much on this release I could mention and its hard to pull out the standout tracks.  All in all EO4 is a fantastic addition to the series that just keeps on giving with value for money and listening pleasure in abundance.


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