‘Traits’ basically picks up two years from where this duo’s last album ‘Again’ left off.  Opener ‘Host’ starts off in fine distorted beat form only to lead onto the excellent ‘Fate Decoders on Your Head’ with high pitched vocals cut up and pasted amongst the relatively straight forward rhythm sections with simplistic electronics folded in for good measure.  It’s not rocket science but adds a slight electroclash edge to the proceedings and is a thoroughly enjoyable affair.

‘First Came The Floods’ yet again takes the distorted beats and shifts the focus toward hyper electronics and harsh vocals that yet again hark back to a time reminiscent of the ‘Wax Trax!’ era of Industrial music, a merging of modern versus old if you will that flows into the electronic mid based beat driven ‘Slowdive’ and the slender IDM’isms that are on the edge of ‘Downfall’.

What I do like about Synapscape is that they’re prepared to venture from the formulaic norm with old school power noise being hashed up into more electro territory more often than not nowadays; ‘Authority’s my Son’ and ‘Berlin’ sound like they were taken straight from a GGFH album and more power to them for it as GGFH happen to be one of my favourite artists. Win.

All in all ‘Traits’ has everything really if you like the heavier side of Industrial, harsh electro, broken beat, distorted beat… whatever; it’s fun and accessible and more importantly modern.



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