NORMOTONE: Inward Structures CD Tympanik Audio

NORMOTONE: Inward Structures CD Tympanik Audio

It’s a bleak Industrial ambience that opens this release with sampled vocals and mechanical like drums alongside cello like pads and the fuzz of machine heads, building up to a roaring finale, giving way to the gentle electronics that are the entry point lto bitcrushed rhythms and cut up radio patterns of track two ‘Defections’.

Spoken word, ambience and torn up sporadic surges of electronics are the bread and butter of ‘Confessions of a Daydreamer’ and with the acoustic guitar and bizarre vocal elements of ‘Isolation is my Achievement’ comes a surge of pure originality in the composition; it really isn’t going to appeal to everyone with its obscurity, but is quirky in its own right.

I am really struggling to pin down Normotone, on one hand they have IDM elements, on the other there is blatant industrial mixed with a blend of music that wouldn’t be far out of place sat on the shelves of any fans of the output of the Hau-Ruk! Label; it can be a tad confusing when the next track is all out glitch electronics.

One thing you can’t knock Normotone for is variation and a daring stance on making music; It’s going to come across a little like Marmite really for a lot of people, they will either love it or hate it.  I personally sit somewhere on a perch near the love it section underlined ‘like it’, especially with the likes of ‘Frozen Leaves’ and ‘Forms and Functions’, which have a pleasant relaxing edge to the overt paranoid notions they leave in your mind. An interesting release and one that I am sure a lot will love once they have give it some exposure, but its going to take time.


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