HAUJOBB: Dead Market CDep Tympanik Audio

HAUJOBB: Dead Market CDep Tympanik Audio

It’s been absolutely ages since we heard from Daniel Myer’s main project Haujobb and boy has it been well worth the wait with this prelude to the forthcoming album ‘New World March’.

This EP comprises of 2 new tracks in the form of the title track and a mix of another new track ‘Letting the Demons Sleep’ along with five mixes of Dead Market along with an extended mix.

So onto the main track itself; it reeks of pure Haujobb with pulsating bass and beat structures and futuristic electronics along with Daniel’s vocals sounding better than ever, it’s psychotic and off kilter and thoroughly engaging and things are looking good for this project circa 2011.

Complex electronics flutter away in the Nightmare mix of ‘Letting the Demons Sleep’, and thematically in a musical sense follows the title track seamlessly.

As far as the remixes go, the stand out version comes in the form of Absolute Body Control dragging Dead Market along an early 80’s journey as you would expect from this duo and compliments the song whilst keeping the core essence of the track at the forefront.

The other mixes on the CD are more than competent but for me do not add enough musical personality of the artists involved, however this is a single/EP and bearing in mind that this is a showcase of things to come, there is more than enough here to satiate the hardcore fan and turn the heads of those that have never completely let this project into their lives with open arms.



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