EX_TENSION: Desert CDep Tympanik Audio

EX_TENSION: Desert CDep Tympanik Audio

Okay so this is technically an EP; an EP that is with a title track that rockets in at just over colossal 31 minutes, with the remix wandering in at a measly (in comparison) 23 minutes in length along with three further tracks.

The title track ‘Desert’ rolls the ball with a jaunting bass line that introduces folding electronics and picks up ambient and rhythms as though they are hitchhikers thumbing a lift along a highway across a…well… desert if you will; it’s hard to keep a song going for such an endurance test without losing your way, but Ex_Tension manages this with ease and deserves to be applauded for such a task.

The tribalism of ‘Journey’ is impressive enough with an almost helicopter blade rhythm that flutters away in the background, but it does struggle to keep up with the epic title track.  ‘Aura’ keeps the electronics flowing and leads us into ‘Tension’ with the pulsating patterns slowing down a pace and allowing ambience to come to the forefront allowing atmosphere to take hold and give an almost industrial soundtrack feeling to the proceedings that moves us onto the end and remix of the title track that I mentioned earlier.

Credit where credit is due this does sound like an entirely different beast to the original number, almost slowing down in some respects and giving us the return journey taken in track one with a clearer pathway than before and is actually all the better for it; remarkably so.  A genuinely original concept as it’s one long track featuring the mixing talents of Access to Arasaka, Totakeke, Zentriert Ins Antlitz, Geomatic and Sonic Area, in that order.

All in all ‘Desert’ is a difficult CD to review, technically in part it’s great and I did enjoy it but too ecelctic to be everyone’s cup of tea; although I am more than interested in hearing future offerings from this not so brief taster.


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