ERODE: Horizon CD Tympanik Audio

ERODE: Horizon CD Tympanik Audio

Much noise has been made of this relatively new artist of late and with this debut I can see why.  Opening with evocative harmonies and pads alongside subtle but punchy rhythms, ‘10950’ is a perfect starter track with immediately engaging electronica that slides into your attention span from the get go.

The harmonies do not let up come track two  ‘Detect’, which gives way to ever so slight industrialisms with guitars and coarse vocals, that filter through the lower regions of the song alongside progressive builds that remind me in a vague sense of Gridlock.  Again, this is a subtle reference, impressive though, really impressive.

The high end guitar leads take prominence with ’Approach’ as the beat structures reverb and pan around like aural tennis, as the pads filter through the frenetic pace for everything to gently filter off towards the end;  leading into the title track with its slower output, giving way to an almost futuristic sci-fi soundtrack feel that melds ever so perfectly into ‘Overcome’.

Thematically the music of Erode is going to be lumped into IDM by default in a lot of respects and yes as stated above there is a heck of a lot of this that reminds me of Gridlock and other projects of that ilk.  There is absolutely no shame in that, not one bit, although Erode does have its own sparks of originality hidden amongst familiarity and everything just feels so fresh and new.  There isn’t one grain of this album that couldn’t be called excellent, plus the artwork is top drawer too.

A brilliant debut, and a promising artist for the future of the scene; highly recommended.


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