THIS MORN’ OMINA: L’unification Des Forces Opposantes 2xCD Ant-Zen

THIS MORN’ OMINA: L’unification Des Forces Opposantes 2xCD Ant-Zen

You are definitely getting your monies worth with this latest release from TMO, a double disc affair and third and final part of the nyan trilogy.

Opening up with ‘Tanasukh’ we are treated to driving ambience, folding unrelenting rhythmical structures and dance floor patterns that have been the staple diet for this artist for some time, and why change this when the formula works so well.

Disc one is a seven-track 58 minute affair alone that fuses trademark tribal sensibilities along with elements of trip-hop (Nevi’im) and straight up dance music (track four- I am not going to attempt to type out the title) with vocal elements that remind me in a hazy way of Faithless in the way it builds with the beats.  Either way the evolution of ‘This Morn’ Omina should be no surprise at all; they have lost none of their past roots and embraced the fact that you have to move forward or die.

What TMO excel at are precise trigger like rhythmics that are folded with electro and soaring ambient structures and this appears to be the bread and butter of disc one, chopping and changing at will with lengthy tracks that do not stagnate or sit still, they are forever evolving and engaging and this disc alone is worth dipping into your pockets for your hard earned cash.

Disc two starts kicks off its just over 54 minute (yes another lengthy disc!) run treading a path even further away from distorted beat circles by hitting us with all out dance music in the form of ‘Allasone’; this in turn leads to further surprises with ‘Iboga’ hitting us square in the face with all out Darkwave; its daring and welcome and I am sure some will turn their noses up at this, but I love it.  Following this up with more electro-industrial later on in the disc just made me smile even more as each unabashed journey into genre playing just adds to the relevance of TMO circa 2011.

I will admit its been a while since I actually sat down and played any This Morn’ Omina, and it just makes me wonder what the hell I have actually been doing as this is one of the most stand out albums I have heard this year alone.  Overall this double disc release is one of the best examples of how to fuse tribal, industrial, dance and electronica that I have heard in some time and clocking in at nearly two hours (which worried me initially), there is more than enough to listen to and I guarantee you won’t drift off, not once.



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