PROYECTO MIRAGE: Slaves of Capital CD Ant-Zen

PROYECTO MIRAGE: Slaves of Capital CD Ant-Zen

Its been three years since the last PM release saw light of day, and once again this Spanish duo have pulled out the stops to provide us with and album of decent swirling electronics, harsh drum n’ noise and anarchistic riot grrrrl vocals.

‘Slaves of Capital’ moves along at a fair rate, one track simply moulds into the next as there’s barely a let up in pace and if truth be told playing all 11 tracks in a row could feels like it’s  just one very long song.

There is a positive and negative in this;  the positive is that you can pick up and play this album at any point and you have kick-start patterns that have your head nodding, feet tapping and can get you in the mood for clubbing with direct immediacy. However, there is little variation for sitting down and reflecting any other type of mood apart from the happy go lucky pop electronics of ‘Flexitrack’, which is a welcome side step in variation along with the rather off kilter ‘Mind Gear’ and album closer ‘Interlock’.

SOC all in all has all the usual traits to keep Proyecto Mirage fans happy though; with a trademark warm production and songs that should sound pretty awesome in the live arena and some head bending almost tuneless but somehow tuneful electronics (if that makes sense) that all add to the madness when the rush of beats kick off at full throttle. I am pretty sure there is a political statement hidden amongst the lyrics and titles but you can’t take it that seriously when a band appears to be having a lot of fun, and that’s the general feeling I get when listening to any PM album.

Altogether, a solid return after a long gap with a release that should keep the fans satiated for now.


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