DISPLACER: Night Gallery CD Tympanik Audio

DISPLACER: Night Gallery CD Tympanik Audio

It’s been a long five years in the wait for the next Displacer full-length album, but boy has it been worth it.

Opening with ‘Phantom Limb’ we are treated to subtly cut up beats and an urgent harmony giving us a taste of things to come with piercing bass lines.  This urgency folds directly into the moving ambience of ‘Invisible’ where the trepidation that something big is going to happen, rises with stop-start rhythm sections that grab the listener and sporadically make you pause and wait for the aural story to unfold and become visual.

Careful measures have been put in place with this latest release; short ambient sections break the album up to hold you back and stop you along the way, before other songs grab you on a gentle ride with warping bass and broken beats such as the partnership of ‘Wave’ and ‘Radioactive’, a pairing that work brilliantly together.

This is a new Displacer; reinvigorated and modernised without forgetting past albums, that only show their card in background sections of the tracks as not to forget who you are listening to.

Mike Morton is a wizard at cut up and paste pitter-pat beats and this is none more evident than on ‘Ghost Planet’ with its almost ethereal backdrop, dragged kicking and screaming into this century with modern electronic scattered blips and beeps and that all too evident bass structure.

The most telling part of Displacer’s modernisation comes in the form of ‘Falling’, with its bitcrushed vocal lines and right here right now attitude with regards to dance sensibilities, that retain an aura of past era’s whilst remaining ultimately 2011.

‘Night Gallery’ is without a doubt one of the slickest and coolest albums around that should appeal to many fans of old or modern electronica, it’s as slick as black gold and cooler than ice cubes.  I love it.


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