ANKLEBITER: Queue CD Tympanik Audio

ANKLEBITER: Queue CD Tympanik Audio

One album in and we are immediately on with a remix album.  I enjoyed Anklebiter’s debut ‘I Will Wait’ a fair whack so was more than intrigued at seeing some other artists that I like being let loose on his work.

First up is broken electronics master and label mate ‘Access to Arasaka’, who unsurprisingly tears up ‘University’ in fine fashion and even though its over five minutes in length the track seems to end in no time.

You never know which path ‘Keef Baker’ will go down when he remixes your tracks.  Whether that be serious or humorous, either way you know its going to be professional and his reworking of ‘Frigid’ is no exception; the beats are perfectly rehashed and beefed up with expressive pads and electronics and the end result is an excellent example of Keef doing what he does best.

Another track worthy of note is a new one by Anklebiter himself titled ‘By Design’; a warm beat driven piece that masquerades in IDM subtlety, that doesn’t overstate itself and utilises emotion well with its harmonies, being a stand out track on this album and bodes well with regards to future works from this artist.

‘Frigid’ raises its head once more and this time we get a different angle completely from ‘SubtractiveLAD’;  no less impressive than Keef’s take on the number but from an undeniably separate approach; beautiful and harmonious and one of my favourite mixes on this album, along with ‘Nothing Will Happen Tomorrow’ by ‘Lights Out Asia’ and to be frank given the output of this artists work on his own I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

Remix albums can often be a difficult affair for me and if anything the only criticism I can raise is that all the bands who have been commissioned here are cut from the same cloth, so to speak.  Ultimately what we have is an IDM remix album and whilst I adore the genre it doesn’t make for anything that branches out into other musical spectrums; however, as an album on its own for the ever hungry electronic music fan, this is more than worth the cash alone and makes for an excellent partner in crime for Tanner Volz’s previous first release.



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