THE_EMPATH: Meanwhile CD Hymen Records

THE_EMPATH: Meanwhile CD Hymen Records

With the main body of this artists work coming in the form of CDr albums he has cemented himself a fairly good cult status amongst the underground over the past few years and more power to Mike Erkau for doing so.

As a full official album release this is to be honest the first time I have personally been exposed to this project and I am pleasantly happy with what I have found.

A lot of the main body of this album reminds of ‘Beefcake’ in some ways and this is no bad thing as ‘Meanwhile’ also has a lot of its own merits to bring to the table with such a respected artist possibly being such an influence, melding the two with ease.

The majority of the sound on ‘Meanwhile’ is built on a vast array of space and ambience, indeed a chunk of this is sourced from field recordings; but thankfully a lot of these are there to fill out the gaps rather than become the main embodiment of the tracks.

Lush pads filter throughout this release and the album has a very clean feel to it; whilst refreshing and uplifting as this can be it sometimes feels as though this is being applied as an antiseptic and you almost wish that ‘the_empath’ had the heart to get a little dirtier and meaner with his listeners.

I note that the artist does a heck of a lot of visual works for people live and so forth;  I have also seen a few of the video pieces that he has made to his tracks and this is where the songs shine at their most brightest


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