STENDECK: Scintilla CD Tympanik Audio

STENDECK: Scintilla  CD Tympanik Audio

I was more than excited to see another Stendeck release on the horizon and I can say the two years since ‘Sonnambula’ have been more than worth the wait.

Ale has always been a reviewers nightmare by giving his tracks massively long titles so it is with great pleasure that I state the opening number ‘Hold my Hand High in the Sky Ready For the Deep Dive’ (blimey), is an impressively huge exploration of momentous electronic proportions that does not fail to deliver and sets the pace and bar at an unprecedented high.

“Feel the Flames Burning Inside me’ is riddled throughout its DNA with outright passion and it appears the wait for this release has been effective in giving an appropriate time frame for Stendeck to give us the very best at what he does, leaving many of his peers behind.

What I am impressed with overall, is the attention to detail surrounding the precise rhythm sections and the direct execution, alongside the downright beautiful evocative synth sounds and electronics that pull on every heart string available and Ale really has let his emotions spill over into the music, sometimes bordering on outright genius.

The real beauty of this album is the language barrier and how Ale transcends this letting the listener know just how he feels.  As obscure as some of the titles may be on this album (and indeed past releases) you get the impression that everything relates to something personal and because of this, the songs themselves are stronger and you are further drawn into Stendecks personal and I would imagine, somewhat private world emotionally.

‘Scintilla’ is a fantastic release with varying elements of subtlety and in places a warm aggression that hits home with a gentle thump, never overstating itself, lacking any pretension and in a word, awesome.


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