PHILIPP MÜNCH: Into The Absurd CD Ant-Zen

PHILIPP MÜNCH: Into The Absurd CD Ant-Zen

You may recognise Philipp from the countless works he has done under the guise of other names such as Monokrom and Synapscape to name a couple.  This is his first solo attempt and I am sure it won’t be his last.

‘The Anachronist’ opens up the proceedings with a blistering display of electronics that surprisingly is followed a by a more subtle affair in ‘Sinister Romance’ with its warm bass line and scratching underhand vocals and mildly distorted electronics.

I was expecting a rather harsher distorted beat affair overall and was pleasantly surprised to find that this is a minimal electronics release with careful attention paid to slight changes and subtle tweaks to monotony that adapt and evolve over the course of each track.

All corners are covered here with a nod to power electronics, to ambient and old school Industrial whilst retaining a modern edge, and as simple an affair as this is, it never strays into boredom and that my friends is the true magic with this album.

‘Relentless Soul’ bounces along in analogue almost pop like fashion and then playfully just changes shift into the almost dark ambient title track, and this change is welcome as this genuinely engages the listener and keeps you waiting just as to the direction of the next track as you play this release in its entirety.

Absurd maybe; But overall as peculiar as this album is there is more than enough here for many an ear to take in and even though you will have heard a lot of these sounds before I just can’t help but feel a spark of originality when everything is compiled together like this and it feels fresh and new; I love the artwork as well.



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