KARSTEN PFLUM: No Noia My Love CD Hymen Records

KARSTEN PFLUM: No Noia My Love CD  Hymen Records

A refreshing display from the outset of what I could term pure IDM with cut up beats and harmonies that blister and complicate, fold and meld into a mash of emotions that flutter through with precision to hit the senses head on with opener ‘The Hand’.

There’s more than a nod at pure pop as track one dissolves into ‘Lov Dog’ as the pace settles.  The madness is blatantly still evident within the skittish beat patterns but what shines through is the use of melody that gives a solid sense of cohesion that is missing from many a release within this genre giving the impression that Karsten Pflum clearly has their head screwed on firmly.

Without a doubt a lot of Aphex Twin purists will lap this up with the rhythm sections that flirt with your ears, but this is only one simple element that is built up within the folds of many of the songs on this album.  Rich textures and blunt effective programming genius is just what sets this release apart from many of the artists peers and I was literally astonished at the level of professionalism in the way this release has been executed as a whole.

Moving the pop elements to one side there is more than enough on ‘No Noia…’ to appease the breakcore enthusiasts out there; quite simply put some of the beats on this album pummel the listener into submission and this artist can really get down and dirty when its called for.

A careful amount of planning has gone into this CD, just when you feel the barrage of rhythms is about to overstate themselves everything breaks into mellow electronic sectors to slow you down and come as a welcome relief.

‘No Noia My Love’ is a rollercoaster of emotions and dips, peaks and highs that joyfully play with your ears and thought patterns and quite simply put, is just one of the best out and out real IDM albums on the market at the moment; Love it.



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