EMPUSAE & SHINKIRO: Organic.Aural.Ornaments CD Ant-Zen

EMPUSAE & SHINKIRO: Organic.Aural.Ornaments CD Ant-Zen

The coming together of two artists is always an interesting affair for me. I always like to see how two completely different minds formulate tracks together and whether this will play out well.

Shinkiro is mainly known for dark cinematic sound-scapes and Empusae always displays a flair for the ritualistic and tribal and the meld of these two minds in this case is a perfect compliment to each other over the course of six tracks clocking in at just under 55 minutes.

Haunting and subtle this really come into effect upon ‘Second Ornament’ with cold ambience folding and building slowly with subtle pitter-patters of electronic harmonies and pads reacting as beats that rise but never overstating themselves.  It’s played out superbly.

With a nod to the arcane and the strange, in some parts this a release holds itself in some lost soundtrack to a film that never came to fruition and evokes images in the listener of a hidden city in a far away forest that we have yet to encounter; a place where a lost tribe of people go about their daily rituals and give praise to their gods.

I have become a little cold to ambient album releases at the moment as over the course of many a year there appears to be a genuine lack of original flair out there, but the coupling of these two has given me genuine hope again that there is still the talent in the scene to surprise me once more, with six catalogued statements logged as a document that sounds almost as ancient as it is modern, and more relevant than many a release within this genre.



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