I appreciated Anders’ last work ‘Many Ways’ immensely and this latest release follows directly on from there reflecting on what has gone on in his life since that episode.

After a bit of a so-so intro we are treated to ‘After Dark’ which involves stirring beats and warping, jilting bass lines that cut and trip gradually together along with cold filtered ambience and its enough to get this album moving with its ever so slowly evolving psychosis.

I hate using the word ‘soundtrack’, but then it clearly describes the feeling that comes across from the second full song on this release, ‘Hate & Love’ with its gradually rising pads and airy filtered synth that is carried by its bass and applied rhythm sections that build gradually.

There is no doubt in my mind that Anders isn’t entirely pleased with the way things have gone in his life recently,  judging that the majority of this is album is concentrated in the darkest of bleak ambient strings that over time are meshed with harsh rhythmic sections song by song.

In all fairness there isn’t that much variety on this album, but then when you appear to be stuck in one cycle that makes you unhappy there isn’t necessarily going to be anything that changes to make things appear different and that is reflected throughout this CD.  The hypnotic way each track folds into the next almost mirrors the path this man has gone at a certain point in his life,  or so it would appear.  The most damning aspect of this whole release is that the last (and title) track of this album gives the impression that things were not all that better once he arrived at his final, if reverted destination.

A solid and obviously very personal album, that won’t appeal to everyone due to its tunnel vision musically, but one that I understand wholeheartedly.



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