ABS6: Audiomedikation CD Hymen Records

ABS6: Audiomedikation CD Hymen Records

An array of styles clash and ultimately combine on this release from IDM to electro and ambient structures melding drum and bass into twisted scattered concoctions that remind you of a time when we were bombarded with music from the Warp generation.

Many an artist can be cited when listening to ‘Audiomedikation’; ‘Aphex Twin’, ‘Venetian Snares’ and the like.  This is done unashamedly and I believe this is the intention, and who are we to argue with the main influx of work from such artists being of a  high visual presence if not always of the highest quality; it’s still respected work.

Complex and in some part quite vicious with the assault on the senses this does keep you intrigued for the most part with cut up electronics and frenetic beats that weave and turn on themselves almost at will giving the listener no quarter to absorb upon first listen what is going on in its entirety.

Sometimes however this album is a little too clever and over self indulgent and although cited in the press release almost as a prescription for boredom I still haven’t managed to listen to the album as a whole in one sitting because there wasn’t enough to grasp my full attention, with the nature of the structures bordering on tedious at times.

Don’t get me wrong however as this is a professional release with true highs amongst its journey and the good definitely outweigh the dull even if no track on its own stands out as a classic.


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