100BLUMEN: Surveillance CD Ant-Zen

100BLUMEN: Surveillance CD Ant-Zen

100Blumen really want us to know that big brother is watching us and that we live in a society where our every move is followed and studied and questioned.

This is an altogether darker side for an act that seemed to approach this genre from a purely fun aspect previously.  Clearly there is a very serious message behind this release and it shows in the opener ‘La Fin Absolue Du Monde’ (the absolute end of the world) with its stirring strings and French spoken vocal over a warping bass line and marching rhythms, this is a surprisingly almost apocalyptical way to start an album.

Again 100Blumen base the majority of work around beats foremost, but in this instance they have taken time to concentrate on simple blistered harmonies and pads to warm things up a little more than on previous affairs on a lot of the tracks.

There are some moments that play around with different elements such as the drum n’ bass ‘Dig That Shizzel’ which panders to fans of urban underground music and whilst this is effective in some respects it lacks the necessary edge or punch I would have desired.

There are some genuinely interesting moments upon the album such as ‘Who Needs Borders’ which focuses on anarchist rock guitars and drum patterns and to be frank was not only a surprise, it was uplifting and presses the relevant buttons for people like myself who appreciate music firmly rooted in an early eighties Killing Joke kind of way.

There’s more than enough on here to appease the distorted beat aficionados, and enough to please Industrial fans as well and all in all this is a solid album, but maybe not enough to be a flag bearer for riots in the streets just yet.



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