TAPAGE & MEANDER: Etched in Salt CD Tympanik Audio

TAPAGE & MEANDER: Etched in Salt CD Tympanik Audio

Tympanik Audio’s 50th release couldn’t have been done with any more flare nor excellence than with the coming together of two artists who perfectly compliment each other; pulling on glitch work and harmonious electronics that sound like the backdrop to an Atlantis dwelling, underwater audience.

Everything has been thought of concept wise and the artwork gives this all away before you even hit play.  You can almost imagine the solitary walk across the deep depths of the ocean floor whilst the immensely catchy ‘The Tide’ is filtered into your deep-sea diving helmet;  it’s driving and energetic but at the same time a lonely audio achievement and perfect for those times when you are alone and all you want is music to shut out everything in your head.

Out on dry land of course, is where you are all I am pretty sure gonna be listening to this album and it’s a perfect travelling affair, such is the pace of the numbers penned; complex but not done to ridiculous levels of the artists becoming self absorbed.  It is an intelligent collection of work whilst being fun and full of new and interestingly quirky sounds that breathe new life into the scene and it has a remarkably fresh feel to the whole of the release.

Forget genre’s this is just a perfect pick up and play, or sit back for the long haul album that just expels life out of every note;  ‘Etched in Salt’ becoming quite possibly my favourite album to be released in 2010 making this the perfect way to end last year and start 2011 on a musical high.  This is quite simply essential listening.


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