NIN KUJI: Sayonara CD Ant-Zen / Le-Petite Machinist

NIN KUJI: Sayonara CD Ant-Zen/Le-Petite Machinist

Bizarre might be the first initial reaction to this album, indeed the first two minutes to the release might just send the listener up the garden path for a short while.

When things do truly kick off on track three ‘Sleepless (Throbbing Silence)’, we are on for a treat with thundering rhythm sections, soaring vocal chants and hypnotic electronics that just build upon their own rising structures until they crash out almost like the audio equivalent of a pile of Jenga blocks falling to the floor.

What I thoroughly enjoy is the power electronics edge that Nin Kuji has taken as the backdrop to his very dance/trance like rhythms in a lot of tracks, thrown in an oriental slant and merrily skipped off down the distorted beat/power noise path.  This is an eclectic mix and sometimes shouldn’t work as a whole, but it does. Top a lot of this off with some massive electronic bass structures and precise structuring that likes to fall away from itself and the album becomes a genuinely enjoyable affair.

Sometimes peculiar, sometimes straight for the jugular, often noisy, sometimes quiet but an all round solid piece of work that has a dash of originality and is marginally insane.



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