ISZOLOSCOPE: The Edge of Certainty CD Ant-Zen

ISZOLOSCOPE: The Edge of Certainty  CD Ant-Zen

Its been way too long between Iszoloscope album releases, I am ever the eager fan of Yann’s works and was pretty much chomping at the bit to hear this.

Opening with tribal rhythmical structures and arcane chimes we have the lengthy but dramatic ‘First Transcendental Component’, that comes crashing through in a the truest Industrial sound I have heard from an artist out there in a while; it’s lengthy and the title is a mouthful, but it’s a worthwhile opener of epic proportions to get the juices flowing.

What Iszoloscope excels at are buzzing, clicking bass lines that charge along like a hoard of angry wasps with thumping beats and harsh blistering scratches of snares, and ‘Flatline Receiver’ satiates any hunger that people have with a vengeance. It’s a true club crasher in every sense of the word,  it’s pulsating and genuinely gets your heart racing.

The album simply doesn’t let up with the title track, with the stop-start beats and fractured rhythms that relentlessly pummel the listener not just with remorseless energy, but intelligent structuring that keeps the listener on their toes; Yann just has that edge of professionalism that a lot of acts fail to grasp.

It’s been years since the promising ‘Coagulating Wreckage’ and Iszoloscope has evolved into a monster.  ‘The Edge of Certainty’ has it all from rich dark ambient, to breakcore, to intelligent electronics, and it’s all done with a cheeky smile while retaining all seriousness.  Mix all of Yanns major strengths and you have combined a thorough and impressive Industrial album in every sense of the word.

Awesome from start to finish and an album I have had on constant rotation since it dropped through my door.



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